More than 4 years have passed. A lot has happened.

A dear friend died. I moved to Israel to teach English in the West Bank for a year. I learned Esperanto. I stayed in Israel after that year. I learned Hebrew. I began teaching myself Spanish. I saw many friends come and go. I visited Prague, London, the Sinai, Amman, and the U.S. twice. I began university. I fell in love. I had my heart broken.

I have several gigabytes of footage from here and there over the last several years. Will be slowly returning to the old footage as time goes on.

But the need to apply the commentary to them compels me. They lose their meaning without the explanation and interpretation. They become just clips. The words are what make them worth keeping.

Just takes a lot of energy.

I digress.

I have so much footage that I am constantly overwhelmed; right now my release schedule is completely sporadic and varies based on the project at hand. I’d like to have a bi-weekly release cycle, but in practice my life isn’t stable enough (read:I lack the discipline to manage my lifestyle well enough) to bind this project to such a rigid system. What’s more, life doesn’t always happen in 2 week periods. So it’ll happen as it happens–I recommend subscribing by email. (You will only get an email when I put a new post, which, as you can see by looking at this blog, is not an exorbitant amount.)

This project is highly experimental. I am still learning my craft, still defining my style. I am still finding my philosophy in life and in art. Be patient with me. Realize that I am not seeking perfection, just honesty.

Languages will be an interesting element in this.

This project is a continuation of the videos I produced (of much lower quality) in 2007, which can still be seen at